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We Offer Innovative Specialized Products

National Proserve innovates and distributes janitorial products that can stand up to heavy traffic and the everyday demands of even the most active commercial spaces.

The products include non-slip coatings, anti-slip floor detergents, and super durable floor finishes. Our products are great for commercial / industrial environments, restaurants, or any building where service simplicity, durability and shine is essential.

Equally important are the amazing time saving innovative products that we utilize and ship Worldwide.

Achieve The Remarkable


The ZX-1000 is designed to fill the gap for the sanitizing industry as a rapid, high volume ULV fogger. It is capable of quickly tackling both large indoor and outdoor project areas where other machines fail.

Indoor application can occur in offices without destroying paperwork or electronic devices. This unit is also ideal for duct work. High efficiency nozzles and high-powered compression means efficient and even distribution of chemicals. Effective for large area sanitizing.

Ren Clean

We also utilize and distribute the Ren Clean Escalator Cleaning System. This system will clean any type of escalator system efficient and effective.

Safe Clean and Attractive

If you are interested in a cleaning and floor finishes that require little or no maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Our finishes can save you 50 – 70% labor and time since buff and restoration products can often be eliminated.

These products and services are available nationwide. Contact National Proserve at 888-826-5470 today to enjoy the benefits of these exceptional solutions.

Chem 100 Wear Resistant, Clear / Color Concrete Epoxy Coating (3 Gallon Kit)

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Chem 100 is a two-part epoxy coating comes in a wide range of standard colors. Plus, there are many other color options by adding color flakes, color packs, quartz or metallic pigments to provide lots of decorative options to the homeowner or to the architect.

It’s very chemical-resistant, and very easy to use. It’s very wear-resistant. It also brings lots of color and reflectivity into an interior floor or wall space. It’s a nice, spreadable product that can be applied in a range of thicknesses. It’s an excellent choice for interior floor and wall applications.

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Chem 1000 Clear / Color Polyaspartic Coating Kit For Concrete, Floors And Walls

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Chem 1000 is a two-part fast drying polyaspartic coating. It’s a high-solid content product with low odor, so there’s no hazard associated with it. It has excellent chemical-resistance and it comes in a clear formula or pigmented. You can use it as a base coat or a top coat. You can also add color to it if we want, or broadcast flakes or color quartz into the coating.

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GlazeGuard® High Gloss Sealer For Porcelain, Stone And Ceramic Tiles

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GlazeGuard® Gloss porcelain and ceramic tile sealer is a two-part polyurethane sealer designed specifically for bonding to ceramic and porcelain tile. It bonds to ceramic and porcelain tile. Its adhesion promoters allow it to bond to those impermeable surfaces. It cross-links and makes the seal over the surface very dense and very durable. It contains a high percentage of polymer, which results in a very hard wearing very long-lasting barrier. And, it will provide a nice film across the tile and the grout, with a high sheen, wet look that

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Glazeguard® PLUS Anti Slip Coating For Tile, Vinyl, Wood, Concrete Floors And Metal

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Glazeguard® PLUS (with CoverGrip) creates a solvent-free, virtually odorless, urethane coating with exceptional adhesion and performance properties. The addition of CoverGrip achieves high slip resistance, significantly reducing the potential for a slip in accordance with the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) standards. It is suitable for virtually any vertical or horizontal surface with inherent chemical resistance, stain and wear resistance properties. It exhibits superior bonding capabilities to many surfaces including porcelain and ceramic tiles, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and many other surfaces which other coatings will not adhere to. It’s ideal for car parks, high traffic corridors, transport terminals, warehouses, fabricated metal products, and most very high traffic applications – both internal and external.

It’s an anti-slip floor treatment designed to produce the coefficient of friction (grip/traction) levels that are safer in wet or dry conditions. Glazeguard® PLUS is classified as a High Traction, High Slip Resistance floor finish, exceeding traditional wax and acrylic finishes (wet or dry) and meeting and exceeding ADA standards.

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PreTreat Mild Acidic Tile Cleaner For Ceramic, Concrete, Stone & Other Surfaces

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PreTreat contains a blend of mild acids. Use rubber gloves and safety goggles when using it. When using a pressure sprayer for application, avoid breathing the mist or getting the spray on yourself.

PreTreat comes Ready to Use. Simply clean the surface thoroughly to remove all dirt, grease and debris. Apply it using an applicator, mop or low pressure sprayer. We strongly recommend you use a spray device that will not create heavy misting or over-spraying.

The floor should be kept wet with the treatment, usually for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinsed away with clean, cold water. Scrubbing with a stiff wire brush may be necessary to remove heavy deposits of efflorescence or cement scale. Rinse thoroughly to remove residue and squeegee off all excess of water. If no drains are available, use a wet-vac to remove PreTreat, then mop with fresh water. Allow the floor to dry before applying any subsequent floors sealer.

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Achieve A Remarkable Finish

If you’re interested in a cleaning and polishing compound that contains no wax or finish, National Proserve offers Zing CPC. This product saves 50 – 70% labor and time since buff and restoration products don’t need to be used with it. We also utilize the Ren Clean Escalator Cleaning System. With this system, we can clean any type of escalator and it makes cleaning your escalator efficient and effective. You can trust that we use only the best janitorial products to take care of your facility. National Proserve is available to provide these janitorial products and specialty solutions to businesses in Arlington, Dallas, Euless, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Irving, Mansfield, and beyond. Contact National Proserve at 888-826-5470 today to enjoy the benefits of these exceptional products.